• Worship Schedule

    Sunday, May 29th
    9 am Blended Service

  • This Week’s Topics

    1 Kings 8:22-23, 41-43
    God’s everlasting covenant is for all people
    Psalm 96:1-9
    Declare the glory of the Lord among the nations. (Ps. 96:3)
    Galatians 1:1-12
    Beware of contrary gospels
    Luke 7:1-10
    Jesus heals the centurion’s slave

  • Find Us

    801 W. 71st Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46260, United States
    (Southeast Corner of Hoover & 73rd St.)
    Phone: (317) 253-0872

  • Community

    A Children’s Habitat offers a traditional Montessori preschool experience for families seeking a half-day preschool or Kindergarten program and/or a full-day elementary program. Habitat is the oldest Montessori school in Indianapolis, serving families in the area since 1972. It is an environment that recognizes the unique characteristics and capabilities of each child.

All are Welcome…

Our Mission: To Live in Christ and to Share God’s Love

We offer both Traditional and Contemporary worship services.  We invite you to enjoy a friendly atmosphere and spirit-filled worship experience at Pleasant View.  We welcome all of God’s children.

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