We proudly share our facilities with the following partners:


A Children’s Habitat offers a traditional Montessori preschool experience for families seeking a half-day preschool program. Habitat is the oldest Montessori preschool in Indianapolis, serving families in the area since 1972. It is an environment that recognizes the unique characteristics and capabilities of each child.

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The Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Indianapolis (LLC) has gathered Latvian Lutherans for more than 60 years. The Latvian Church of Indianapolis unites Latvian Lutherans with an aim to preach God’s Word in our own language and to cultivate our spiritual traditions in today’s multicultural environment. The Church provides liturgical services every week in the Latvian Language. The Congregation has a Bible Study Group, Youth Group and a Women’s Auxiliary Group. After each service in the fall, winter and spring, a light lunch is served to promote and continue fellowship.

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